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You create high quality content in your area of expertise, set your price and we show your content to couples. You receive 80% of the revenue from every sale. The ultimate goal of Spicer is to improve couple's sex life. Your content must serve this goal and be useful to couples.

Create advanced question Packs - high quality niche sex ideas are accepted. You must be an expert in the selected area. Having popular Plus packs will help you to promote your paid content.

Create video sex tutorials - sex tutorials based on Matches are accepted. Only unique content is accepted that shows the best ways to execute the Match. We also welcome no-nudity educational tutorials from trained sex coaches or sex therapy professionals.

You can find a list of popular Matches here.

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Create your content once and we show it to new couples every day. Grow your audience and sales exponentially. Connect with couples on the personal level through the upcoming Spicer Creator tools.

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Join Spicer Creator program to become one of the first creators and reach the new audience in the unique niche. Earn money with Spicer by helping couples improve the sex life and sexual communication.

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