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Improve relationship and intimacy with your partner.
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More than 600 questions are available!
Different Levels

Various kink level question packs. Only answer questions you feel comfortable with.

Custom Questions

Add your own question and it will be shown to your partner.

Advanced Questions

Purchase more advanced questions to get even more sex ideas.

Daily Questions

Special pack that shows 1 question contributed by users per day.


Unique inside knowledge about Matches by other couples.
Contributed by community

All hints are added by users.

Safety and pleasure

Hints are related to safety or execution of the Match.

Highly specific

Best hints are as specific as possible.

Sex challenges

Randomly selected Match to complete today.
Accept with partner

When you accept the challenge, your partner will be asked to accept it too.

24 hours to complete

Once accepted by both partners, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge.


I have Android, my partner iPhone, can we use Spicer?

Yes, Spicer works the same on any device. You can link with partner without problems.

How questions are shown to my partner?

First we will show the questions that you have already answered or your custom questions. You can choose any Question Packs and take the lead in questions selection.

Is it free?

Yes, Spicer is 100% free. We also have an option to purchase more advanced question packs.

Can you add this feature?

If have some specific feature or idea to be added to Spicer, please contact us.

Is it anonymous?

Yes, we collect zero personal information and partner linking is done via special Linking Code.

What happens if I re-install the App?

Purchased packs will automatically be restored. If you wish to preserve your answers and custom questions, you can open anonymous account inside Spicer.

What are two part questions?

Some questions need second part, for example "be woken up with sex" and "wake partner up with sex" are connected questions. Spicer fully supports this and will show Matches correctly.

Does my partner need to buy question packs too?

No, when you purchased some question packs, just start answering questions and they will be shown to your partner automatically.

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